Which Daniel Fast Book is Right for You?

The New Year Fast will soon begin for hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world. Most will begin on Sunday, January 8th. However, there is not an official start date. Whatever day you are led to begin the fast is right for you! 

A question I receive often is about which book is best to use during the Daniel Fast, depending on one’s purpose for fasting. So I want to offer a brief overview of my books, which I thankfully give God all the glory for being the bestsellers and most widely used.  

The Daniel Fast: feed your soul, strengthen your spirit and renew your body includes everything you need for a successful fasting experience, including a complete cookbook and daily devotionals. You’ll discover how to keep the fast a spiritual experience where you enter into the Lord’s presence and draw nearer to Him. I also cover what I call the Five P’s (so the points are easy to remember). Plan, Prepare, Pray, Participate, and Praise. This book is for everyone who wants to have a deep fasting experience 

The Daniel Cure is a book I wrote with Dr. Richard J Bloomer. In it we cover the background of the fast and it also includes a complete cookbook and 21 daily devotions. The difference is that in this book Dr. Bloomer, who has conducted multiple clinical studies on individuals using the Daniel Fast, explains in layman’s terms the profound benefits your physical body undergoes during the fast. If you have health issues, including type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol this you will find great promise and wisdom in these pages. 

 The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss is my newest book. It’s NOT a diet book Instead, I wrote it to help those who have struggled with weight and obesity to learn how to take God’s hand and develop an entirely new relationship with Him and with food! You will discover more about who you are in Christ, your role as the caretaker of God’s sacred temple, and how amazingly simple it is to end cravings, sugar addiction, and other challenges by jump-starting your journey toward health using the Daniel Fast.  

The Daniel Fast Study Guide is a companion book for The Daniel Fast book. It’s a five-week lesson plan to guide you into a deep relationship with God during your fast.  

All the books are available at your favorite local or online bookstore and you can get them in print or eBook (Kindle, Nook) format. 

One Note: I have been teaching about the Daniel Fast since 2007 and not to boast, but I am considered the “expert” about this method of spiritual fasting. Over the years many others have produced books about the fast and most are filled with errors and poor guidance. You want your fasting experience to be a good one. Please check out the resources before you buy them to make sure they are well-researched and true.  See this article: Is the Daniel Fast Being Hijacked?


  • linda says:

    hi susan. i have done the daniel fast before and had your book The Daniel Fast but don’t currently have it. i wanted to do the fast again and really liked the simple recipes in it but wondered if The Daniel Cure also includes the same recipes from The Daniel Fast book. i figured if i could get new recipes plus the ones from the first book that would be even better. Thanks so much & God bless you!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Linda,

      The recipes in The Daniel Cure are different than those in the The Daniel Fast (only a few standards are the same). Readers love the recipes in both 🙂

    • Claudia Marsh says:

      Hi Susan, I just completed a 3 day fast using your original book. I have had it for years but only used it for recipes. I finally read it all and I can’t believe I waited this long. My questions is, can we eat white rice and if not why…. I completed the fast and I think I need to practice this more often. I have to say I lost 4 lbs but that was not really the goal. I felt spiritually lighter but I think I need more practice.

  • thatayothe says:

    hi Susan.thank you for the guidance in this prayer of Daniel Fast

  • Adam Weldon says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for such a useful resource! Only my second time doing a proper fast and going to push the boundaries more this time. Could you tell me if there is a diary diet planner available? Ideally I’d like to click and drop the recipes I like the look of into a diary and then have a shopping list generated for the week. Do you know of anything like that available?

    Looking forward to how the Lord will meet me during this next fast. Thanks again for your time, devotion and knowledge Susan. Blessings, Joy and Peace.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Adam,

      What a great idea! I don’t know of an app specific to the Daniel Fast. I use “List” for my grocery shopping and the paid version allows you to import recipes and then it makes the shopping list for you.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Rosa Debroy says:

    My church is starting the Daniel Fast next week. We’ve done it before but know the adults in the house. My teenage daughter is a high performance swimmer, so I would like to know how to to do the Daniel Fast so she’s not nutritionally deprived and also affect her energy levels. I also have a 6 yr old, how do I include her? Thanks!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Rosa,

      Your daughter may need to have some extra protein. So for her, alter the fast slightly by having her eat cheese, chicken, or other forms of protein rich food. Fasting should never harm the body, so give her what she needs to stay in good health. With that said, many extreme athletes are on totally vegan eating plans so you might want to check that out on the Internet to gain some insights.

      Younger children are not generally including in a fast, however it’s a great time to teach about the power of spiritual fasting. Perhaps she can restrict sugar or desserts or candy. Then you can teach her about prayer and relying on God for those things we want in our lives.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Laurie LaFon says:

    Is there a difference in the actual eating plan between the regular Daniel fast and the weight loss version?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      No. My book called The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss isn’t a “diet book.” Instead, I teach about honoring your body as God’s valuable dwelling place and seeing yourself as the temple of His Holy Spirit. I do give practical teachings about health and eating. But it’s not a diet about counting calories or portion control.

      I hope this helps.

  • Matthew Fitzpatrick says:

    Hello Susan Gregory I have a question what can I do in my case my Dr said that I have to eat because if I don’t I’ll get sick I’m not over weight I’m average & skinny but I sometimes believe that The Lord is calling me to a fast but I will say that one time I wasn’t led by The Holy Spirit to do that earlier this year & the enemy beat me up pretty good to where sometimes I have doubts about is this really The Lord wanting me too.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Matthew,

      The Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat. It’s a partial fast, where some foods are restricted and others allowed. Make sure you study what I teach about the fast. Eat plenty of plant-based protein and some of the starch-rich foods. If, for health reasons, you need to supplement the fast with other healthy foods, then that would be okay.

      I hope this helps.

  • Kristina Martin says:

    The pastor of the church I attend and his wife lead the church in the Daniel fast at the start of this year (2016). His family never stopped. He is feeling better, has more energy, and losing a lot of weight. My husband is on the hefty side as well and has taken notice. He is asking for more information. I found one of your books at our local library. If my husband does this fast, than I will as well. My biggest concern is that I have a medical condition that needs to restrict salt. I have an underactive thyroid. Occasionally I am anemic, so iron levels count for me. Are there meal plans in any of your books that are iron rich and low sodium based?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Kristina,

      You can monitor the sodium by using “salt free” canned goods (for recipes that call for them) and not adding salt to the recipes. No “processed food” is used on the Daniel Fast, and they are often packed with sodium. Do I don’t think sodium will be an issue for you. I am not sure about the iron. However, I encourage you to read about getting iron from plant-based meals. Here is one source that might be helpful: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/iron-for-vegetarians/

      Blessings to you!

      • Kristina Martin says:

        Thank you for all your reply, books, blog, suggestions, and so much more. You are very helpful, kind, and considerate. Thank you for following the Holy Spirit and God’s calling and guidance. You are a blessing on so many people! I think my husband and I will be starting this very soon. I have to convince him to start preparing for it now. He wants to start this week, but no preparing and start with the modified version first. I think this is a bad idea. oh well. Thank you again for your advise.

    • Jayda Brown says:

      Dear Susan,
      My name is Jayda Brown and I am on my first day of the Daniel fast, now I have read and gone over what I should and should not eat. One of the things that caught my eye was that one of the things we couldn’t eat was fish, now I’m perfectly fine with avoiding all other foods, I want to at least have some tuna (in moderation) but don’t want to fall off the wagon at the same time as I am trying to lose weight. I just want to get your opinion on this situation.

      • Susan Gregory says:


        Fish is not allowed on the Daniel Fast.

        So here is the question you want to answer for yourself. Is it you “flesh” that wants to change the boundaries of the fast? Or is it because you need to have the fish for health purposes (the Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat).

        For example, pregnant or nursing mothers need extra protein because they are supporting another life along with their own. So I encourage them to add appropriate amounts of animal proteins to their meals (always following their doctor’s recommendations).

        But if you want the fish just because is will satisfy the flesh and you want to give in . . . then I encourage you to be strong and forego the fish until after the fast. Make sure you are following the fasting guidelines I provide so you are eating balanced meals.

        I hope this helps.

  • Jessica Rubio says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am 9 days into a Daniel fast right now and I have a question. I am going camping this weekend and I was wondering if you could recommend a few recipes that I could prepare ahead of time. I am already making a large batch of the dried fruit and almond granola, but I would like to have a few different things. Things that could be stored and eaten at room temperature could be best, since it would be difficult to heat my own meals on top of cooking for my family. I also wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you do! Your book has helped me so much. I almost didn’t buy it, but I did buy it on Audible a couple days after I had started the fast, and let me tell you it really made a difference for me!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. God has blessed me with this work and I am forever grateful to Him.

      Here are a few things you can take:

      Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter (great to top with raisins if you want)
      My Vegetarian Chili (quick to heat slightly for lunches and dinners)
      Muesli (Bob’s Red Mill brand) with unsweetened soy or almond milk
      Veggie Kabobs (you can make those for everyone) along with Brown Rice
      Original Trisquits (for a snack)
      Nuts and Dried Fruit

      I hope these ideas help. Enjoy your time! Be blessed and let me know how it goes!

      • Jessica Rubio says:

        Thank you for the Ideas! along with the snacks you mentioned and the granola,I ended up making myself a batch of the “Drew’s breakfast burritoes” and they worked out great. I just wrapped them in foil and stuck them on the grill with my family’s food. I wasn’t able to find tortillas that met the requirements of the fast so I ended up making my own. After listening to your book on audible, I decided that it was so good that I really needed a hard copy so I bought it a second time 🙂 I’m so glad you answered God’s call on your life. You have helped me so much.

      • Kyla says:

        So we can have rice cake and original trisquits on the Daniel fast? I can’t seem to find wheat rice cakes just ricecakes. I had no idea about the trisquits because I just assumed it had added stuff in them.

        • Susan Gregory says:

          Hi Kyla,

          Yes, rice cakes are allowed as are original Trisquits. This is one of those times when reading the ingredient list on the food labels is essential. All whole grains are allowed on the Daniel Fast. So look for rice cakes that are made with brown rice and no chemicals or sweeteners.

  • Annie says:

    Hi Susan,
    I find myself hungering for a closer walk with God and better understanding of His word. I find myself releasing material things, sharing what I do have and soaking up the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen and Micheal Beckwith. I feel a shift going on inside of me. I even started to journal so I can get to the core about my eating habits. i am in the process of the Jenny Craig program so trying to see how to incorporate the Daniel Fast if that is possible?
    Thank you very much for all you are doing. Annie

  • Andrica says:

    Hi Susan, and anyone who can answer. I’m starting the Daniel fast, and don’t want to mess up. I have a question. Will frosted flakes and bananas be harmful!? I have serious gag reflex to veggies and stuff if it looks nasty, but I’m determined to get through this, and closer to God. I need Him to move in my life.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Frosted flakes are not allowed since they include sugar and chemicals. Oatmeal with bananas and unsweetened plant-based milk is a good alternative.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Debbie says:

    My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 2015. At that time he had surgery to remove the mass. His CT at that showed a nodule and they have been watching that. The nodule grew this past month and he had a lung biopsy today. We have been standing on God’s Word for healing, but now feel fasting is the next step. It will also be a very nutritious way for my son to eat!

  • Arnold says:

    Hi Susan

    I have done full fast (water only) before for a few days, but i was recently led by the Holy Spirit to do a Daniel fast. I came across your website searching for recipes and started reading the comments. As a brother in Christ I just want to thank you for the work you are doing, the time and effort you put in to this and replying to all the comments. Keep up the good work building the Kingdom of God.

    Many blessings

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Thank you, Arnold.

      Your message is like receiving a fragrant flower into my soul. I appreciate that you took the time to write.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Christine says:

    I began The Daniel Fast on Jan. 4, and completed the 21 days. I planned to work on spiritual growth, God had a plan. 8 days into my 21, I was faced with, and thrown into the middle of, a very serious family crisis that threatened to rip my family apart as well as concerned the safety of a child not part of my family. I had some very serious decisions to make. God urged me to begin the fast to bring me through this and face the situation boldly and with faith. He showed me that He is with me during all seasons of my life. Although my own goals got pushed aside, God had His own plan, and His perfect will be done, always! I praise Him for the experience, even though I would not have chosen the cup He gave me.

  • Diane white says:

    Hi susan,
    I wanted to know when during the daniel fast,is it just at the begining of the year when its done or any time within the year.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      HI Diane,

      The New Year fast is obviously at the beginning of the year. Many people use the Daniel Fast as their method of fasting.

      You can fast at anytime when you want to draw nearer to God and have an issue you want to bring before Him. Then you can choose to use the Daniel Fast as your method of fasting. Many people also use the Daniel Fast during Lent.

      I hope this helps.

  • C and K says:

    Hi Susan!
    My husband and I have fasted on and off during the 35 years of our marriage but this is our first time doing 21 days. We started the first 4 days with fruit juices, and continued the fast with just veggies, fruit, veggie and bean soups and salads. We didn’t know whole grains were allowed. I’m sure it would’ve been helpful to read your book and I just now discovered your blog. Our main focus on this fast was salvation for loved ones, and a deeper walk with our Lord. We have been blessed. We believe warfare was done in the heavelies! My question is how to come off our fast? I’m sure we can introduce other foods slowly, but could you give us some suggestions? Thank you, and God bless your ministry!
    C and K

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Praise God for believers like you who stand in the gap for those who don’t yet know the love and saving grace of Jesus!

      You are right to introduce foods, and caffeine if you use it, slowly. Small amounts of meat, dairy, cheese, coffee, etc. Also, take some time to reflect on what you learned during the fast. And then take those good lessons into your days. Give God thanks and be grateful for the work He is doing in your life and in the spirit realm for the benefit of those for whom you prayed.

      Thanks for your message and be blessed as you continue to grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Cindy Kropid says:

    Hi Susan:

    Today is my last day of the fast and I am so blessed how God has used it to make changes in my life and how I have drawn closer to the Lord. I am a little sad that this is the end. Though my focus was not to lose weight, but to focus on my relationship with God and to draw closer I did do both. But, now that I have seen weight loss. I now want to continue but, as you said in your weight loss book I do not want to do the fast for the wrong reason. But, I couldn’t find in the book what to do after the fast to continue weight loss. I know you listed foods that we can add but, I would like a little more detail. I love being a vegan anyway. I was thinking of just eating meats sparely and dairy. But, to continue do what I have been doing but add grains too. I couldn’t understand why Ezekiel bread was off limits. Thank you for this wonderful insightful book and all the amazing scriptures to draw as closer to him. Many blessings


    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Cindy,

      God is so good. He loves us and wants to help us in every part of our lives, including restoring our health and developing a healthy lifestyle.

      I encourage you to check out this series of videos and becoming a member of Choose Life Now. It was created for people just like you – those who had such an amazing experience on the Daniel Fast, and want to continue what the Lord started in their lives. Just click on the link below:
      Choose Life Now 4-Part Video Series

  • Donna Wood says:

    Hi, Susan

    This is my first ever fast. at age 69 I have not found the shift in food difficult at all and have really enjoyed your recipes. Even the cravings for sugar and other “Bad processed foods” haven’t given me much grief. I have yet to give in and it is now day 11. Being retired certainly gives me time to prepare meals from scratch…even buying dried beans, soaking them and using them in meals. (Better than taking the chance of getting chemicals and/or added sugar from canned foods) So…my problem seems to be that I am enjoying this fast way too much, at least that was the thought that crossed my mind as I was preparing to settle down to read the Word one night. I just had to have a little giggle at that time. Hoping that was Jesus letting me know all is well. LOL My main problem is finding the time during the day, basically after meals, to have time with the Lord. I do listen to worship songs I have downloaded/uploaded (whatever) into my ipod, read other spiritually led books and listen to teachers on You Tube, who I feel are very knowledgeable, and suggested by my bible study teacher, but don’t feel the connection with our Lord that I wanted. I have never meditated and not sure how go about that although I hear it is very easy. I do need to learn how to do that. Do wish I had the study guide to follow along in. Just doing the best I can without it.
    NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL from the fast for which I am very thankful. I was only going to do this fast for 10 days as it is the first time I have ever done one but it seems to be stretching…I will see how far I am lead to go. As to that, and ending the fast, I have not found anything that tells me how to end the fast and go back to “normal” eating. (Then again, maybe this will be Normal with the addition of meat and dairy.) Maybe that’s just the Lord’s way of telling me not to quit yet but when the time comes I do need to know. Is it just a matter of reintroducing meat and dairy back in very small quantities. Is there somewhere in your book that you mentioned that and I have just missed it?

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book…..I ordered the book through Amazon about Jan. 5 and it has yet to arrive (Jan 19) so borrowed it from the Library. The book and study guide are not arriving until mid February and really wanted to get started on the fast. At least I will have the books for the next time I try this fast, and I am sure I will.

    Thank you for ALL your information on the Daniel Fast and answers to questions I no longer need to ask. BTW Any suggestions for a substitute for tofu???


    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Donna,

      I am sooooo sorry for the late arrival of the books! I don’t think Amazon has caught on that hundreds of thousands of people start the New Year with prayer and fasting! My publisher tried to warn them, but I think they thought they had enough in stock! I guess that’s a good news bad news issue! So many people are seeking God that the books are selling out! LOL

      Meanwhile, is seems that God is calling you to a deeper place with Him. That’s the hunger you feel and while what was typical is no longer enough. That has happened to me, and even recently. My response was to get to know the Holy Spirit in a more intimate way. To focus my attention getting to know Him as my Comforter, Teacher, Friend and Guide — just like Jesus told the disciples.

      I encourage you to spend some quiet time with God and ask the Lord to show you how you can go deeper with Him. Whenever I ask the Lord for help, He always responds. And in matter like this, within a couple days.

      I hope helps!

      Tofu substitute? I usually just bypass recipes that call for it if I don’t have it around. I also use a lot of beans, rice and other whole grains.

      I am glad you are having a successful fast. Now God is calling you to benefit even more!

  • Courtney Kern says:

    Hi Susan, I’m a huge fan! Thank you for following God’s call. I have a quick question: is Ezekiel Cereal still Okay for breakfast? I don’t think you mention it in your latest books

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hey Courtney! Thanks for connecting here on the blog and for your kind words!

      Yes, the Ezekiel cereals are okay. As always, be sure to read the ingredients included in the contents so make sure there are no sweeteners in the variety you choose.

      Be blessed on your fast! <3

  • Melanie Steere says:

    Hi Susan! Your website says spring and distilled water is allowed, but what about tap water? It’s the only kind that is freely available to me. If it isn’t allowed does that mean I’ve broken my fast this whole time?

  • Kionna says:

    Okay I didn’t know we can’t eat tuna i made a tune sandwich with no bread now do I start over with my 21 Day Daniel fast?

  • Sandra says:

    What can be used in place of whole wheat matzo crackers for the spicy veggie burgers?

  • Joy says:

    Can I have oatmeal on the Daniel fast?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Yes, all whole grains are allowed on the Daniel Fast. Serve the oatmeal with unsweetened plant-based milk, chopped nuts, dried or fresh fruit, and cinnamon for a very nutritious and satisfying breakfast.

  • Sylvia says:

    Hi Susan,
    I really enjoy your books, I purchased the Daniel Fast and the Daniel Fast for weight loss..however I have followed your directions for preparing to fast and such. I felt God has put on my heart to fast for a couple months now but I didn’t know anything g about fasting really, I just thought you stop eating for a few days, so the Holy Spirit basically told me to research it so I did and felt led to your website and books so I purchased them thru ITunes ( after I made hubby buy me an ITunes card).

    I was kind of afraid to discus my fasting plans with my hubby cuz sometimes he doesn’t think about things before voicing his opinion so I just prayed about it, we went grocery shopping for some items in your lists and fruits n veggies, still praying on how to tell hubby I’m gonna fast for a week.

    So Sunday during our church service the Pastor started a new sermon series then went on to talk about the Daniel fast and the church is planning on doing it the middle of February, so after church was over and on our way home he asked me ” what am I fasting from? I had to catch my breath and explain what my plans, the book purchases and such were all about. Now if that wasn’t God working in our life I don’t know what that was… But IT WAS GOD WORKING!!! He has been opening a few doors for me and working on my life at a pretty speedy pace ( thank you Lord) !! Hubby is fasting coffee so pray for him and the headaches he is getting from lack of caffeine !! Now come Feb. we can do this together and embark on a whole new level with God together!! Also my 8&9 year old grandkids like eating quinoa a lot they ask me ” are we gonna have bible food for dinner?” LOL

    THANK YOU Susan for these great books and your website, they and you are a great blessing for other Christ followers!!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Thank you so much for this great report about God and how He will work in our lives as we put our trust in Him!

      My spirit is dancing inside as I celebrate with you! Our Father is so good. He works in ways we don’t expect. And He only wants the very best for us!

      Be blessed, dear one, as you continue growing in the love and knowledge of our Lord! And thank you so much for sharing your God- experience with me and all who read this great testimony of His goodness. <3

  • Carolyn l Alls says:

    Hi. Susan
    My name is carolyn..my church started..a fast on 01/11/16..Every fast I have done..can”t stick with it.because iam a diabetic..an I take alot of medicine…so when I eat little I get sick..so what I am asking u..what can I eat..on a fast where I want..get sick..so I can stay pn the fast….Thank You…

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Carolyn

      Most people with diabetes do very well on the Daniel Fast when they follow the instructions I teach. I have several books about the Daniel Fast. The one I encourage you to get is The Daniel Cure. It goes into great detail about how to use the Daniel Fast if you have special health needs.

      You can learn more by clicking on this link –>> The Daniel Cure

  • Rickia says:

    I only eat fish fruits and veggies… Due to health reasons is there a fast that I can do with these ingredients

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Not that I am aware of. I teach about the Daniel Fast, which is totally plant-based and includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

  • BeBe says:

    Hi can you eat tuna and rice during Daniel fast?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      The Daniel Fast is totally plant-based. So no tuna. Only whole grains on the Daniel Fast, so brown rice is a good choice.

  • Chioma says:

    In the Daniel fast, asides from specific food been restricted, what other things are restricted. I work for 7-8 hours a day. So I’ve no option of watching TV. But when I do get home, I sometimes watch Discovery Channels and some programs and for social media, I’m almost always browsing through Instagram for examples of illustrations and muses, to help me. For what’s app and BBM, it’s a alternate means of communication.
    I really want to know what a Daniel fast is with the presence of social media and alternative means of communication, as well as with TV and movies.

    Thank you Ma.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      I would encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you decide the ways to abstain from specific activities during your fast. There are not set rules, however when we fast we are making a decision to be more focused on God, prayer, meditation, and learning. Choosing to forego some or all television and/or social media is a way to free up time and to clear your mind.

      The Lord will help you and guide you on this as you ask Him for direction.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Maribel narv says:

    Blessings, I have a teenager son and I’m teaching him about fasting. the problem that we are encountering is that my he is a finicky eater. He does not like any kind of vegetables and very few fruits. Please help me, I really don’t know what to cook for him. He has giving up the kind of food that he likes and sweets but besides beans, I don’t know what to give him. Thank you

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hopefully this will be a time when he’ll discover some vegetables that we will eat. They are so essential for nutrition and health!

      I have to say, this is very challenging since the only other foods would be whole grains, nuts and seeds. Peanut butter on brown rice cakes topped with raisins. Perhaps backed potatoes topped with beans and salsa. Whole grain pasta with tomato sauce.

      Read this article – perhaps it will give you some help to teach him about fasting: Spirit vs Flesh

      Meanwhile, it’s great that you are teaching him about fasting. He will profit by that!

      Be blessed

      • Michelle Boucher says:

        I have a finicky eater, too. He’s 14 now and really growing. I got him to eat vegetables by making smoothies for him, using some Whey protein powder to make sure he gets enough protein. It worked great – and he has no idea there is spinach or kale in there. Here’s a typical one, but there are hundreds on the internet:
        1 serving whey protein
        1 banana (or 1 c. of your favorite berries, or whatever he’ll eat!)
        2 c. spinach (you can use frozen, put as much as you can get away with)
        1-2 cups almond milk (I use vanilla flavored, unsweetened)
        3-4 ice cubes (note: if you use frozen fruit instead of fresh, you don’t need these)
        Blend until smooth. Adjust liquid as desired.

        Good luck, I hope this is helpful. Mine has slowly become more experimental with food as he’s gotten older – so keep the faith!

        • Susan Gregory says:

          Great idea!

          During the fast (no whey allowed), use nuts and seeds instead of the whey to get the hit of protein. I use pecans and pumpkin seeds. Sometimes walnuts.

  • Tamare Anne Gromoll says:

    My church will be doing a 21 day fast and I was very concerned about not being able to due to my health. They gave me some options and The Daniel Plan was one of them. After checking everything out and consulting my Cardiologist, he told me if half his patients did this fast and plan he could take a vacation. I will be starting in 4 days and I can’t wait to see what I learn and discover in my personal relationship with God. I will let you know how I’m doing ! Thank you for listening~

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Your doctor speaks truth! The Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat.

      By the way, the Daniel Fast and the Daniel Plan are very different. The Daniel Fast is about restricting some foods for a spiritual purpose. The Daniel Plan is about healthy eating and isn’t about fasting.

      I hope the very best for you! God is so good!

  • Martina J says:

    Dear Susan: I have done the Esther fast which is very cleansing and that is 3 days with no food or water. It is scientific proven the body can maintain for three days! The benefits are to be drawn to God and is very powerful, and I have done the Esther fast for 5 years.
    However, on the Daniel Fast, I’m not sure of what is to be eaten, such as only raw or cooked because I want to do what Daniel did in the Bible, this is very important to me but not only that, I want the Daniel fast to honor God!
    And to provide blessings for my family which is and only comes from God!
    And that God honors our sacrifice to Him!
    So to do the Daniel Fast , I would like your input in the matter. Also, I started the Daniel Fast on the 4th of January and seemed to not stay on track, then started on the 5th of January and got flu-like symptoms and now I’m starting today, officially because I know the importance of the fast, so my question is , will God still honor my fast? Thank you!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Martina,

      One of the most important steps to take for the fast is to learn about it. I think that may be where your frustration rests. I encourage you to read about the fast on this site and on my other site: http://danielfast.wordpress.com

      The very best way is to get the Daniel Fast book that I wrote to guide people into a successful fasting experience.

      You can be successful on the fast. The information is to long to cover here, but you can find all you need in the resources I mentioned above.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Alexandra says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve always heard of the Daniel Fast , but never tried it. I found your website and it’s been very helpful and informative. I’m actually excited to start the fast to deepen my relationship with God! I’m also encouraging family members and friends to try it and want to know can people take any prescribed medications as normal? Also, I have been exercising and want to know if I can still consume my organic plant-based protein powder and organic vegan supplements while on this fast ? Thx!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Alexandra,

      Yes, you want to continue with medications and any directives from your health providers. Fasting should never bring harm to the body, so stay on track with whatever your earthly physician prescribes while praying to the Great Physician for complete healing and health.

      You can use plant-based protein. The only thing is to make sure it’s free of chemical and sweeteners.

      Be blessed on your fast! So glad you found us here!

  • Lojuan Joseph says:

    Thanks s is my first go of the year and I want to get closer to God. I am starting this Daniel Fast on 01/05/16, keep me in your prayers as I Offer myself to be he Lord giving him full cooperation. Mind,Body and Soul.

    In Jesus Name,Amen !

  • Gena King says:

    Happy New Year and Praise the Lord.

    I am a little nervous about doing this fast. I have never undergone anything like this before.

    I instruct fitness classes 7 times a week. How can I modify the fast to meet my nutritional needs?

    Thank you so much!
    Gena K.

  • Bubu says:

    with this amaizing diet i realy wish to benefit both Spritually and physically..i am battling obesity and i need God’s way of beating this thing..can you please help me with menus of daniel fast that i can use?

  • Nancy Lafontant says:

    Hello Susan Gregory,

    Praise the Lord, I just fill out the information for a starter Kit, I did not receive the PDF attachment? Should I resend the info again? God Bless.

    Thank You,
    Happy New year,
    Nancy L

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Our tracking shows that we did send the Starter Kit. Gmail does funny things sometimes. Check your “promotions” folder or your “junk” folder to makes sure they didn’t land there by mistake. Also, be sure to “white list” our email address so you receive email from us.

      I hope this helps!

      Be blessed and Happy New Year!

  • Angie Polizzi says:

    The Daniel fast is amazing and miraculous , my daughter age 22 was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I fasted and prayed and trusted God with her Life and for healing , 3 specialist later and she was cancer free , All praise and glory and honour to God in the highest . Amen

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Praise God, Angie!

      Earthly physicians and the Great Physician in this case – working on behalf of your daughter! Glory to our Most High God!

  • genevieve delikuman says:

    hi i would love to start the daniel fast.for overall mind body and soul.also for financial breakthrough.
    please assist me by emailing a simple daniel fast plan to me.i need to know what i can and cannot eat or drink as well as the times to start and end.

  • Jasmine says:

    I am doing the Daniel Fast to get closer to God. Eating healthy is not really an issues for me. Unlike most people I want go gain weight or at least maintain my current body weight. What would you suggest in order to go this while doing the Daniel Fast?

    God Bless

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Jasmine,

      Just watch what you eat and consume foods the are higher in natural sugars and higher carbs (whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds). Not so sure you will gain weight, however you can maintain it.

      Be blessed.

    • TawandaFloyd says:

      I want a closer relationship with God and a blessings that over flow. I too went threw somethings in my life I’m a recover breast cancer survivor it’s been four years now.

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