Fasting with a Purpose for the Daniel Fast

By January 3, 2018Daniel Fast 2018

God designed fasting for His people. It’s a spiritual discipline that helps us focus intently on Him and seek His guidance, wisdom, and intervention. Fasting is NOT about getting God to approve of us or to gain His favor. Jesus does that for us! Instead, fasting is entering into a highly focused time of prayer, study, worship, and devotion.

Biblical fasting is restricting food for a spiritual purpose. So you want a purpose for your fast. A targeted focus which will inform your choices about your studies, your prayers, and your declarations. 

The problem is that if you don’t have at least one specific purpose for your fast, you’ll just be changing the way you eat for 21 days. Granted, the Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat. But fasting is about spiritual growth and not about food! So be sure to define the purpose of your fast.

Decide on Your Purpose for the Fast

What do you need? Do you need help with a relationship? Wisdom about your personal finances? Do you want to learn how to strengthen your faith for answered prayer? Do you want to submit more of who you are to the Lord? What are the desires of your heart? How do you want to grow?

Take a few minutes and think about your life and your needs. Your Father wants to meet you there. He wants to help you. And then decide on a purpose for your fast. Write it down. Find some scriptures that teach you God’s promises. And then start to seek the Lord and His wisdom. Open your heart to Him. Lean into Him. 

God hears us and He answers our prayers. Mark 11:24 teaches us this truth from our Lord Jesus: “I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

That’s a clear promise. Our part of that equation is to believe. God’s part is to fulfill His Word and His promises. 

Fasting can serve as a powerful time to develop our faith so we believe God and His Word with our whole heart. Not just head knowledge. But heart knowledge. We want to get to the point that we know that we know that we know. Fully convinced that we’ve received from God even before the fulfillment is tangible. This is a work of our faith. And sometimes our faith muscles need to be strengthened so we can believe with no doubt in our hearts.

What Will You Believe and Expect from God

As you prepare for your fast, decide what you purpose will be for your study, your declarations, and your faith. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. And when you pray, believe you receive, and you will have what God has already promised to give you!


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  • Twyla says:

    When does the fast begin?

  • It is confusing when you say…”all meat or fruit etc. and then but not limited to and then list the foods.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Paula,

      The reason we add “not limited to the foods on the list” is to tell readers that if a fruit or vegetable is not on the list, that it’s still okay. We have readers from hundreds of countries in various parts of the world. It’s impossible to list all the foods, so that why we say, “not limited to those on the list.”

      I hope this helps. Be blessed on your fast.

      • Lori says:

        Hi, Susan! I am a novice blogger- not even sure you’ll get this! I am in need of support doing the Daniel Fast. I wish I had participated in January! Are the resources still available? I am desperate to know God deeper and be free from a bondage.

  • Happy says:

    Happiness sibiya , greetings l want to join the fasting bt l do not know what to defore l start and during the fasting please help me am blank

  • Maggie says:

    I started the fast yesterday. What I like, and what makes me feel good is that I am the temple for God. He is not just around me, but in me, and I must take care of my body. Thinking about God in me, makes me feel good, and I hope when I have down times, I can think that..” God is in me”. I talk to Him more. I wish my husband would join me, but maybe later. I need to find recipes he will eat. I am praying that the fasting not only brings me closer to God, but will help with my inflamation and pain from Lyme diseas and fibramyalgia, and give me a better outlook.

  • Nkosana says:

    Hi Susan

    I just wanted to ask a question which I am not getting a clear answer from my pastors at church.
    If I go for a fast with a purpose of drawing nearer to God and understanding his will and purpose for my life.
    But in hindsight seeing that the fast will also help me towards to shedding some weight,is having these thought in hindsight wrong?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Nkosana,

      Your body is the temple of God’s Holy Spirit. It is His dwelling place and He wants you to be healthy. So honor your body during the fast. It’s totally okay to want to drop weight so you can improve God’s home.

      Be blessed, dear one.

      • Adelaida Freckleton says:

        Good morning hello I was wondering if sugarcane is OK to have in soy milk?
        I like drinking very very vanilla soy milk.
        I know we can only drink water but I was wondering if is okay to cook with very very vanilla soy milk because it has cane sugar in it.. thanks Addie

  • Cheryl MacDonald says:

    Just wondering how long the devotionals will be available to access now the fast is over for most people? Also how long will the Facebook support be available? It looks like a few of us are starting our fast in February. Thank you for all you have done and the support you’ve given to us all. God’s blessings upon you!

  • linnitta rhodes says:

    hello I have done the Daniel fast before years ago and I would love to do it again. I realize I am late but I hope I can participate. I will be moving out of my home today due to marital issues. I have been praying to God for breakthrough in my marriage and it is consuming me. I want to draw closer to God and allow him to lead and guide me. I have been married 20 years and my husband wants a polygamist marriage with me and the other woman. he has professed his love for her and it breaks my heart. I am believing God to reconcile my marriage however we both need to be reconciled to God. Thanks so much for the opportunity to leave a reply!


    good morning
    I no longer receive daily word from you on my computer and unfortunately I cant log on to Facebook can you assist please that will be great to hear from you every day.

  • Elana says:

    Hi Susan and everyone who is reading this, this is my second year and it just get more intense. The more we do it the more you get to understand things better. This time my partner with our kids joined the Fast. We are facing financial difficulties as well as our kids don’t make things easy with their attitudes. But I’m trusting God fully and relying on God for changes in each one of us. This is the year for our Godly breakthrough. I want to thank Susan for inspiring this Fast. It’s helping people so much. God bless all of you.

  • Charline Hosein says:

    Susan, your an inspiration to us all of us around the World and God Bless You for all you do in Jesus Holy Name I pray. Please continue in all you do for all of us around the World. I thank you in Christ that God has given Susan the knowledge in teaching us about the Daniel Fast. I started the 8th of Jan. this is my first Daniel Fast. It’s not easy I can relate with all of you, it’s easier when your able to blog with other individuals that are going through the same thing and we are able to lift one another up in Jesus Christ. I am doing this for a number of reasons one and foremost to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, understanding His Word and learning to pray better. Two for more patience , three for health reasons , four for generational curses to be taken away from my family and of course to pray for family members, friends, and others including God’s chosen people.

    God Bless You All !!!!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words. God is so good and faithful.

      Be blessed and thanks for taking the time to write.

  • Moniemang says:

    Hi Susan
    I haven’t been on a fast before and my heart is longing to be part of it. My friend colleague asked me to go on the fast and we started on the 8th. I regard myself lucky to have found your guidance as i didn’t have the clear purpose of why am i joining my friend in this fast. After reading the guidance from your blog i just thought i need to go back and pray and seek God’s wisdom and revelation to lead me to the fast. I decided i need to continue with this fast for only 7 days and get to understand why must I fast.

    Kindly forward me my fast kit as I haven’t received it after joining the family.

    Kind Regards,

  • Rebecca Mccullah says:

    Hi , this will be my first fast. Unfortunately I will be behind everyone. I am a new Christian and am just now learning about the Daneil fast. So my question is : is it possible to start the fast a week later, as I will most definitely have to ween myself off the sodas.. thanks for your reply. May GOD BLESS ALL.

  • thabisa zandile says:

    Hi Susan
    I thank God for you and your teachings, this is my second year I am doing the Daniel’s fast besides the corporate one, last year I fasted for growth spiritually and humbling myself to God’s purpose about my life and I am a new creature He opened my spiritual eye in being lead by Holy Spirit in everything I do.
    This year I am fasting for this brother ( winks) that asked me to marry him I pray for patience to let God do everything according to His plans and timing and His will.
    May God bless you abundantly

  • Thabisile Mathebula says:

    Hi Susan. I trust you are well. I heard about the Daniel’s Fast from my pastor for the first time today, and I went on to google it. I am so glad to have found your work because you have explained it so well and it shows that it comes from the heart. Stay blessed.

    My purpose for entering the fast along with my church, is to draw nearer to my maker. It is for me to know my savior more and learn more ways to connect with him (learn how to pray and receive from him). And as for earthly breakthroughs/achievements, I would like to get promotion at work, a Diploma i’m studying towards and a blessed and beautiful wedding.

  • J. Steely says:

    I am so excited to see what GOD reveals to me and for my family through this fast. Last year, after two weeks on the fast and praying for my step-daughter who has been in and out of rehabs (because of drugs) with no prevail. SHE was able to accept the help for which me and my husband was able to offer her and got her into a center that has changed her life. Now she is 1 year clean/sober, has a job, bought a car and attends a church weekly because of our prayers and fasting. GOD is SO amazing and I would recommend everyone to do this fast because there is always a greater purpose than just missing meals or changing the way we eat. THIS fast IS and HAS changed my life as well as our daughters and we are so greatful.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Ok, you have this girl in tears! I am always so deeply moved when I hear the powerful testimonies of how God is working in the lives of people when we turn to Him in prayer and fasting. I am so very happy for all of you.

      Thank you for sharing your story. And all praise to our loving God!

  • Amelia Naidoo says:

    I will start the fast on Tuesday 10th of Jan. All my husband and I want is a baby. We holding on to the promises of Jesus. Keep us in all yourls prayers.

  • Lana says:

    GOD Morning, I wanting to partake in this fast. I am going through an unwanted divorce and not sure how to start my purpose unto the Lord. I want my husband back, not who he is now because he is someone i do not know and has already started a life with someone else. Lord I need you…am I being punished for our marriage crumbling. Please guide me into my purpose of fasting. I just want my family back, my husband, and daughter.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted. Open your hurting heart to the Lord so He can minister to you. Learn from Him and accept His amazing love and comfort.

      Be blessed.

    • Rachel Honore says:

      Good Afternoon! I began my Daniel Fast on January 3rd with church. I wanted to know if I can have naan from the Indian restaurant and Hummus..

      • Susan Gregory says:

        It all depends on the list of ingredients (not the nutritional analysis) on the food label or how it has been prepared at a restaurant. If the ingredients in any packaged or prepared food you consider are all plant-based and free of chemicals, sweeteners, and anything artificial, then you are good to go.

        Be blessed.

  • Yvonne Rojas says:

    I’m on the fast right now, and I’m asking God for a closer walk with Him. I just want more of our Lord . Thank you Susan you”ve been a tremendous help, your encouragement. May you walk in your mighty blessings, Spirit of favor, counsel might and power fall upon you. I thank God for you.

  • Bob Turek says:

    Susan, I am not good with the computer . Can you tell me how to post to the blog Thanks Bob

    • Susan Gregory says:

      🙂 You just did, Bob! When you write a message in the comment section that is posting to the blog. As far as articles go, I am the only one who does that. However, you can post in the comment section.

  • Aghogho says:

    I clicked on the link to join the group but got a message saying it is not available. Is it closed or am I doing something wrong?

  • Sherill says:

    Susan I am so grateful to God for you! This is my first year joining you and I am expecting a mighty move of God in my life! I want to walk in the purpose for which He created me. I feel like I have wasted so much time but He promises to restore the years the locust are up. I am ready to do His bidding. Please keep me lifted…I am praying for you as well!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      God is good and I am blessed that you will be doing this journey with me and thousands of others.

      God’s desire is to bless you and support you. As we turn to Him and have Him as our Lord, He will guide us into all that is good and righteous.

      Be blessed!

  • Gail says:

    I will be doing the fast for the first time. I’ve prayed and asked God to help me get closer to him. He told me several times to fast, but I didn’t listen. Every time I talk to God he tells me to fast. I’m wrestling with breaking from the world. I don’t know why. Now I know in order to break free I need to listen to my Father and fast for a closer relationship with him.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Just like Mary said to the servants at the wedding, “Do whatever He tells you to do.” Then Jesus performed the miracle of turning the water to wine. The servants only obeyed . . . and that’s a powerful lesson for us!

  • Tammy Ponton says:

    Curious question for anyone and everyone –
    How do you know for sure that God wants you to do this fast? I am struggling with this – Is it me that wants to do this or is He leading me to it? I have signed up for the fast but I guess I am getting “cold feet”. I tried it once before and did not finish it. And I am struggling with what my purpose is for doing the fast. Anyone else feeling this way or am I the only crazy one out here!? 🙂

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Tammy,

      People who want to fast have a hunger to draw nearer to God and experience Him in greater ways. Or they have a need and desire God’s wisdom and intervention. The motivating factor is desiring God and willing to enter into the spiritual discipline of a highly focused time.

      I hope this helps . . .

      Be blessed.

    • Dee K says:

      You are not Tammy. I feel the same but I am determined to do it. I may be dragging my feet but I know i have to if I want to hear God and draw from his strength.

  • Sandy says:

    This is the first time I am trying the Daniel fast. Through this fast I am looking forward to a deeper relationship with God the Father, through His word and through His son Jesus. I want to be able to strengthen my faith in Him and be open to His will, not mine, in my life. I am truly looking forward and expecting a transformation in my life this year 2017. I pray that with the help of this fast and the daily meditations and moral support that would be offered, I would be able to be committed to the 21 day spiritual cleansing feast.

  • Masimba says:

    I’m joining you for the first time .My purpose for this fast is that I want grow in the knowledge and understanding of God’s love teach my heart to allow God to be at the core of my worship life and serve him out of love above everything

    • Susan Gregory says:

      God promises to give you the desires of your heart. He draws near to you when you draw near to Him. Be blessed on your fast.


    Shirley , I am so looking forward to this fasting and prayer as this is my fourth year doing it. These 21 days help me to be closer to the Lord and to myself. I love it and it is so overwhelming.
    thank you so much for your guidance . May God bless and keep on guiding you in your work.

  • Lesego Sikwane says:

    Blessings upon you Sons and daughters of the most High and powerful God. I started this journey in 2015 with my first 21 days of Daniel Fast and have since find spiritual fulfillment in His presence. This year as part of my Fellowship resolution we started fasting on the 3rd January 2017. My purpose for this year is to” Have an intimate relationship with God, have a strong spiritual connection and growth to draw nearer and deeper to HIM. Have a deeper understanding of my spiritual walk with the Lord and edify my spiritual life and growth” I will request all the related scriptures to fulfill my journey this year. This will assist me in ensuring that henceforth every month for 3 days i can have my fasting and prayer programme.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      I’m glad you’ve joined us, Lesego. If you’ve signed up we will send them to you our devotions for the fast.

      Be blessed.

  • Valerie Edwards says:

    I am so excited about joining the 21 day Fast on Jan. 8th for several reasons! Most importantly, a stronger relationship with God by strengthening my faith to please Him. Second, a more healthier lifestyle so therefore, I am physically fit and cleansed to do the will He has set forth for my life. Third, personal financial wisdom to relieve student and credit card debt, freed up to become a grace giver to my church and those in need, and a better help meat to my husband, all no matter the amount.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Praise God, He’s there for you in every area of your life. Seek Him and He will meet you.

      So glad you’re with us for the fast.

      Be blessed.

  • Nena Librera says:

    This will be third year doing the Daniel Fast. My first time I prayed that God would heal my daughter (15 year old) from debilitating OCD and depression. Two years later she still has OCD and now developed Anorexia. She’s no longer depressed but she hasn’t been able to go to school in about one year. I know that God has a plan to prosper for those who follow him and that things will happen in His timing. I will be starting the Daniel Fast tomorrow. Please pray for my daughter’s full healing.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!!

  • Casey Stevens says:

    I am joining the fast on the 8 th…for revelation on identity and loving others with the Love of God…breaking also generational curses. Thank you for these great tools to help me on my way. This is my first Daniel fast. I have only done one fast in my 5 yrs with the Lord and that was a 3 day water only, the first yr with God.

  • Elisha says:

    My husband and I began folllowing your blog the Year my daughter was born (August 2008), and started our annual Daniel fast January 2009. Since then, we have purchased both your cookbook and book. Eight years later, my daughter is 8 and I have a 6 year old son as well. My husband and I plan to start the fast January 8th, and I wanted to get your opinion on my son and daughter participating in the fast with us this year.
    Thank you so much for your obedience in writing this blog. You have been a blessing to our family.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Elisha,

      Great to hear from you! Thanks for checking in!

      Children under 12 are normally “exempt” from fasting. However, it’s a powerful time to introduce prayer and fasting to your children so you plant the seeds of faith into their heart. Talk to them about a food they are willing to forego during the fast. Help them make the decision and teach them the principles of fasting. They can feel they are joining you and your husband and even strengthen family bonds by entering into this sacred experience together.

      I hope this helps. And thanks for asking as it’s given me a plan for a new article about the fast.

      Be blessed.

  • Roseli Bierly says:

    I’m fasting for 21day!!!My main purpose of fasting is to get deep with God ,have a heart after him and have a. Faith and to trust him. No matter what. Thank you and God bless

  • Grace says:

    I will be doing the fast it is not about the food it is about me having a closer connection with God and have more wisdom. do everything possible to please God a strong prayer lifestyle and to be able to do all he wants me to do. I need you Lord every morning and I need you to be with me and to here me. My main goal is to get closer to God and have a strong spiritual life and growth

  • Shirley henry says:

    I will be doing the Daniel’s fast for the first time and I pray that I will be able to commit myself fully this is important step. My main purpose of fasting is that I would like to draw closer to God and learn how to pray and believe. I will be depending on your site for help along the way with scriptures and moral support.
    Thank you and God bless.

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