Three forces trying to steal your fasting success!

Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline designed by God to help His people enter into an intense time of focus through prayer and seeking His insights and wisdom. It’s a time to lift up your needs. To draw nearer to your Lord. To strengthen your faith muscles and to center on Jesus!

All good, right?

If something is so good, why do you think that during your fast you sometimes feel like you are being bombarded with pressures, obstacles and trials? I’ve seen it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Christians I am blessed to have in our community of believers. I hope this article will shed some light on what may be going on for you if you feel like you’re in a battle . . .

First of all, as you grow and become more powerful and stronger in your faith you will start to take over territory that the enemy of your soul has held! He doesn’t want you to make any advancements. And so he will do whatever he can to steal, kill and destroy any progress you make! He’ll do it by whispering lies into your spiritual ears to try and get you to quit the fast. Or he’ll attack your body with discomfort and challenges so you want to stop following the fasting guidelines. Or he’ll push those buttons that he knows will cause you discouragement.

Those are just a few of his tricks. So watch out for them. And if you sense he’s trying to mess you up . . . then draw even closer to Jesus. Jesus is your protection and your power. The enemy can’t be in the same place with our Lord. Use your weapons of God’s Word. Take your authority in Christ and order that defeated foe back to his pit and out of your life.

Second, there is another force that can try to take you off track from your successful fasting experience. This one is the “world.” We are surrounded by so many things that can distract us and keep us from giving all that we can to prayer, meditation and meeting with God. The “cares of this world” keep the Word of God from taking root in our hearts. Or we are so attracted to the “bright shiny objects in the world,” including television, video games, social media and the like, that time seems to vanish. We sit at our computer for a “couple minutes of browsing” and before we know it two hours have gone by!

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The third force is our flesh! That self-centered, carnal, “natural man” part of us that wants to do things its way and keeps rearing its head when we try to bring it under control. The flesh will also “talk to you.” It well tell you, “This is just too hard. You are too busy to do this now. Go ahead. It’s okay to stop.” You then have the choice. Will you be led by the flesh? Or will you be led by the Spirit of God?

Sometimes we just need to talk back to our flesh. It’s like having an “out of body experience” in a way. Tell your flesh to sit down. Declare to it that your spirit is following the Spirit of God and your flesh is required to submit.

What is the way to bring all of these forces into line? It’s spending time with God. It’s submitting all of who you are to all of who He is. It’s dedicating yourself to Jesus your Teacher and sitting at His feet. It’s standing firm. And it’s nourishing your spirit daily so it remains strong and aware.

One thing I know for sure is that there is no power in the bag of potato chips or a cup of coffee or a White Castle hamburger! The power is yours. It’s inside of you. You can give it away . . . or you can stay strong.

Yes, there are forces that want to take you off the course you are on. Forces that want you to detour. But keep this picture in your mind: God has a destination for you. He wants to lead you and direct you and reveal His truths to you. But to receive what He has, you need to stay on the path, walking forward with Him one step at a time.

Take His hand. Let Him lead you. And leave all the forces that are trying to thwart you behind so they are very soon just weak, tiny objects in your rear-view mirror.


Susan Gregory is an author, a Bible teacher, and a Christian Life and Business Coach. Her bestselling book, The Daniel Fast: feed your soul, strengthen your spirit and renew your body is considered the go-to guide for anyone who wants a successful fasting experience. Susan is also the founder of Faith Driven Life, a marketplace ministry whose mission is to help followers of Christ develop a foundation of faith and bring God’s truth and power into every area of their lives. 


  • TaTa says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am on my second week of this fast. I am having true spiritual warfare. I feel like my anger and impure thoughts are coming out and it is bothering me so much. I think I have cried about 50 times during this week. Am I doing something wrong or am I really in a war. I feel like its all me. I so tempted to quit but want to keep going. Please i am praying for peace, stronger marriage, be a better christian. I just feel maybe I am doing something wrong.

    • Vicky says:

      Hello Natasha, I was on the fast in Jan. I had a number of reasons to quit before I started. I was breastfeeding a 6 month old and naturally I am small bodied and a tone of other things came up that made me believe that there was no need to start what I wouldn’t finish. I am glad I did start and finish -not 100% as perfectly as I wanted but the lessons have carried me through a tone of things these past few months. I am so glad I didn’t quit. Hang in there – He will never leave you nor forsake you.Praying for you.

    • Morethanaconqueror says:

      Glory to God! You are NOT alone! Oh look at the prophets, look at the psalms of david.. they all spent many days and nights weeping deeply grieved.. PUSH through!!! As Jesus told the apostles.. cross over to the other side in the boat.. I’ll see you ON THE OTHER SIDE(of this test/trial) keep going! God doesn’t let things go to waste! He sees all your struggles..

      You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8

      Testing of Your Faith
      2 Count it all joy, my brothers,[b] when you meet trials of various kinds, 3 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. 4 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1:2-4

      7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.
      8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
      9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 2 corinthians 4:7-9

      16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. Proverbs 24:16 if you fall get back up, brush it off and keep moving forward.



  • Edwin Reyes says:

    I get attack all the time n they cause me pain including stabbing , squeezing, switching ky body that even when i wake up i still could feel their nails and the pain…

  • Azelle says:

    Thank you very much for the encouraging words! Just what I needed.

  • Nthabiseng says:

    Hi susan
    i finished my daniel fast on the 30th however i feel like it didn’t work, it’s as if god dod not listen to my prayers. i was fasting for a job as i’m not working. I’ve been sending applications everyday but not even one company has replied. even my boyfriend has abondened me without a reason. Do you think there’s something i might have done wrong ?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Nthasbiseng,

      My first thought is to examine your heart. Check your thoughts. Remember what God teaches us in His Word, “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

      Do you really believe God will provide for you? Are you so sure that you’ve already given Him thanks for the job that awaits you? Jesus says, “Ask anything in my name and believe you receive and you will get it.”

      So often we ask . . . but then fail to do the vital second part of His instruction, which is to believe. No doubt. Totally trust in Him.

      Check your thinking. Examine your heart. And if you fine you need to do some work on your “believer,” then get close to the Lord and allow Him to lead you and teach you.

      Be blessed.

    • Jillian Smith says:

      No you didn’t do anything wrong. God’s timing is something we can never truly understand until it happens. Keep trusting and believing, he’s setting up your course.
      Love Jillian

    • essie says:

      Hi nthabiseng

      Maybe u need to work on your faith.. Believing and trusting God for miracelous works in your life. We cannot please God without faith.. Exercise your faith during fasting. Start thanking God for a job instead of asking for a job.. Start to declare positively into your life . Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and learn how to regocnise Gods voice and be transformed by the renewing of your mind… Dont stop fasting until u get breakthrough.. Keep on fasting until God blesses you. Stay strong.. Have faith… Grow in prayer and believe and trust where u cannot see. God bless


    • Brylle says:

      Hi Nthabiseng! πŸ™‚

      I just want to ask you question first. Why did Daniel and Jesus fast? and why did you fast? We fast not because for God to answer our prayers but to draw closer to Him and to Know deeper want is His plans for us. Not for Him to answer every prayer in our prayer lists. Maybe, we should also know the motives of our hearts and know the real meaning why the Men of God in the bible did the prayer and fasting. We should focus our eyes to the GIVER not to the GIFTS. Always His will be done to those who He calls. πŸ™‚

      • Deborah Barnes says:

        Hi Brylle, I have to respectfully disagree. We also fast when we desperately need to hear from our GOD. Look at Queen Esther, Look at King Hezekiah. They were in difficult places and needed miracles. Esther needed to save her people so they could fulfill God’s promise… did King Hezekiah. But yes, our hearts must be right with God. All sin confessed and repented. But we must also have a hunger, desire for GOD. We must finally come to the end of ourselves to know that only he can fix, save, make it right…whatever it is. We must be willing to mentally, physically and spiritually understand that GOD wants all of us not just a small portion but all. I am fasting myself but I had to stop trying to be GOD in my life and come to the true living GOD int he name of his wonderful SON and I realize now that I can’t do this on effort, good works my own strength…I need my GOD and my Redeemer who has all provision and answers and is full of forgiveness not withholding jobs, houses, happiness….but we must focus on him first.

    • Malungisa says:

      Nthabiseng He is listening. Make sure you donot give up. it took me one and a half months after my first Daniel fast to get my first two job interviews. The moment between now and your breakthrough is a test of whether you have faith and patience in Him.

      • Chinasa says:

        Malungisa I really like your reply, my spirit agrees with yours, besides every speaker is right according to their level. You ministered to me too, thank you and G-d bless you.

  • Jaleel says:

    Hi Susan
    I just started my fast today. Been reading some booklet called “Help from Above”, in order to help with some guidelines. But sometimes I still get so distracted. I have met someone that I like, but feels that she is a distraction. What does one do to keep focus?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Jaleel,

      I encourage you to learn about how to meditate and then set up a routine for yourself so you spend time with the Lord each and every day for a focused period of time. Clearly, you are being called to new life lessons. So learn how to focus and block out the distractions. Here is a series of lessons I created called How to Meditate on God’s Word.

  • Dani says:

    I am obese and I have binge eating disorder. I have tried to fast (for diet) my whole life but have never been able to so am very scared to spiritually fast because I might fail and I really want to hear God.

    Even if I get through the rest, I’m worried when I prepare meals for my daughter, I ALWAYS taste the food I cook her. I have never NOT done it. I want to make sure it’s edible plus I just like to eat. Usually after I taste it, it tastes so good, I fix myself a plate.

    I am worried that I will forget when I’m preparing her meals and will taste it and then probably not be able to stop eating.

    I know the Holy Spirit will be working through me but I’m afraid to give into temptations of the flesh.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Dani,

      First, I encourage you to change the messages you are saying to yourself. Instead of saying, “I am obese. I have binge eating disorder,” say, “I am healthy. I make good decisions about nourishing my body. I am a beautiful child of God and I take good care of this temple where He resides.”

      Also, set yourself up for success. Ask your daughter to taste the food so that it’s to her liking. Celebrate every victory and keep you eye on the amazing blessings that are already yours. Be in health. Say, “I am healthy.” Even if your mind starts resisting, say what you desire. Believe you receive. You are amazing. And finally, instead of relying on your will, submit yourself to the Lord. Empty yourself and let His will work in your life.

      You might want to check out the courses I offer at Faith Driven Life Academy. We have a 90-day Challenge that is so helpful to folks!

      Be blessed!

      • Lindi Johannsen says:

        Hi Dani

        I want to let you know that I had the exact same fears as you and was truly afraid that those very same reasons will keep me from being able to fast successfully. By the Grace of our glorious God and taking only one day at a time, that’s it… day at a time I am on day 38 of a 40 day fast and NO slip ups!!

        LOTS of temptations and LOTS and LOTS of tears cried when preparing meals for my kids but I had them taste it because they had to eat it. When they sat down to eat I closed the bedroom door and spent that time praying so I won’t have to watch them eat and so I wont give in to temptation. When water became to awful to stomach at one stage I got me a sugar free flavouring and some lemon juice added that to the water. Lately I started joining my kids for supper and drink a cup of instant cup-o-soup, to keep the normal family dynamics going and not give them a negative impression about fasting. They need to learn what fasting is all about and the importance thereof without having negative childhood memories about mommy’s 40 evenings spent in her bedroom while they had to eat all alone.

        So yes, it is challenging for sure but let me assure you with God all things are possible!!!! I believe in you.
        God believes in you! You CAN do this Daniel fast!

  • Carms Lacher says:

    Hi , Suzanne this is Carms. I just want clarification. I started 21days Daniel’s fast, but on the 2nd day, I felt a serious headache and migraine that I can get up, and my husband let me eats meal. Due to health issues which I have diabetes and also working on a graveyard shifts. I just want to know, if it’s okay to modify the fast? but still want to continue. I’m looking forward to strengthening my relationship with God. Thank you for your guidance. πŸ™‚

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Carms,

      My guess is that you were struggling through the withdrawal symptoms from caffeine. If that’s the case, next time you plan to fast, make sure you prepare and wean from caffeine before you begin.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “my husband let me eat meals.” The Daniel Fast is a partial fast where some foods are restricted, but others are allowed.

      I encourage you to learn about this method of fasting. The most complete way is to get the book, which is considered the more reliable and complete teaching about the Daniel Fast. Here is a link to learn more about it:

      It’s okay to modify the fast for health reasons. Learn about it first, then make those that are necessary.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Pauline says:

    Hi , Suzanne this is Pauline. I just want clarity. I started 21days Daniel’s fast, but on the 4th day I received good knews that my son’s bursary is going to be renewed for 2018 academic year. I got so excited, insomuch that I wanted to celebrate. I took a small salad bowl of potato salad and one slice of bread and ate it. I was hungry but I know I could have prayed to avoid temptation. My question is ” do I resume where I left off or should I start all over again

  • David Mentor says:

    Hi Susan

    This is my first time participating in this fast ,is there specific time to eat and pray ? regards

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi David,

      No, not specific times. The Daniel Fast is 24 hours, not select hours like some fasts. So you can eat whenever you desire.

      I encourage people to have a routine with a quiet time to be with Lord and then recognize His ongoing presence with us throughout the day. But there are not any specific times to pray.

      Be blessed on your fast.

  • Binita Snyman says:

    Hi Susan!

    I see that you allow salt in the fast, as well as eating steamed, cooked etc vegetables. To my understanding the Daniel fast only allows raw vegetables and no salt. Please could you explain to me why you allow placing the vegetables through cooking process and flavour the food with salt?

    Thank you!

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Binita,

      I’m not sure where you learned that the Daniel Fast is only raw foods and no salt. There is so much erroneous teaching about the fast “out there.”

      Please read Daniel 1 and Daniel 10, which include the primary passages for the Daniel Fast guidelines. You will see that there are no restrictions about how the food is prepared or about using salt. Everything I teach is based on the Scriptures.

      Be blessed.

  • Edith Snyder says:

    I am on a blood thinner that does not allow any foods with vitamin K, mostly vegetables and some fruits, and some others. How do I do this Daniel Fast with this situation. I really want to do this, but am at a loss as what to do. Thank you. I will look for your response.

  • Jana says:

    Day 18 and I literally woke up ready to quit! This has been my hardest day and found it weird to want to quit so close to the end. This speaks volumes to me. Praying God will sustain me these next 3 days.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Muscles only get stronger when they meet resistance. I encourage you to look to these feelings as an opportunity for you to strengthen your faith and quiet your flesh. Take a few minutes and watch this short video message. It may help you!

      The Spirit vs the Flesh:

      Be blessed! You can do this!

      • donna weiss says:

        Susan………this was my first fast and I did not think I could finish,but I have. Now I am finding eating to be difficult. I guess just as I had to get ready for a fast,now I need to prepare after the fast. Going slow to reintroduce some more foods. It is similar to when I had my gallbladder surgery. Bland was key. Lots of water. Praying for comfort and what is next ,on my path. I do not like too many meats so that is not a problem. Lots of veggies and fruit is perfect for me. I am thinking it was the homemade lattes that is not for me ? Do not know yet.
        I am following the continued plan on my life chosen God led life. Any thoughts ?

        • Susan Gregory says:

          Hi Donna,

          Yes, lattes on a clean system can cause problems. Caffeine, milk, and sugar in the beverage into the clean body. Go slow.

          Also, think about what your body is telling you. During the fast, it was operating in good condition. Choose health by eating clean (no chemicals, limited processed foods, limited sweeteners). Your body will thank you!

          Be blessed.

      • Raquelle says:

        I have started a 21 fast this was my 6th day and I fell I ate veggies I’m doing water and juice Can I continue and God still honor my 21 days of fasting I was doing well I don’t know why I let that take over I want to hear from God clear in making some big decisions and money decisions

    • Sounley Preval says:

      The same thing happened to me. Then remember, Jesus was also tempted when He was fasting for 40 days in the desert. That voice that tells you to quit or that sensation of quitting is not from God. Stay in His word and He will come through

    • sheridan long says:

      you are so close! keep up the good work. I just had my revelation this morning to start so I’m on day one! holy spirit guide us where our feet can’t go

    • Thank God for you and helping us to be all God has called us to be. I am fasting for 40 days. My husband is a minister that has strayed away and is leaving with another women.

      • Susan Gregory says:

        Dearest Anatha,

        I am so sorry for your pain of betrayal. My heart breaks for you, but even more the heart of God breaks for you. Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted, so I hope this time of extended prayer and fasting will be a time of comfort for you.

        Be blessed as you seek the Comforter

      • Fadi gomes says:

        This more seriou when a ministers went a stray because of lust but nothing impossible with God Luke1:37 he can still be back into both ministry and family.

    • Lerona says:

      Did you finish your last 3 days of your fast? I too have felt like quitting when I was at the end…I think we all go through that cause the enemy know your almost at the finish line

  • Marissa says:

    This Is my sixth day at this fast,and today has been by far the worst..I was moody, angered easily and very hungry too.however, I pulled myself together and remembered my purpose,so it ended off well, thanks be to God.This article is truly enlightening….and I pray for strength for others in this fight….

    • Audrey says:

      Pray my strength as I am on day one as of midnight. I work nights and I will be starting another job on Monday so I will be working 2 full time jobs as I do this fast. So please lift me up in the name of Jesus.
      Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    • Marilyn Jackson says:

      Yes Marissa my name is Marilyn,It is great that your sharing with us your journey because it helps to get out the things we go through during the fast and releases it to the Lord for strength and not man.I am a firm believer of releasing my cares to the Lord because I have experienced that he is the only one that can take care of it all and so we can be effective in talking to him for others.God bless Mrs.Gregory for her commitment to the Lord and to you for what the Lord has called you to.

  • Sharon Turner says:

    This Fast has been truly an eye opener for me. I have delved into me & have not like what was looking back at me. I have made everyone a priority but me, how can I leave me behind? I am thankful that during this fasting/praying/reading/studying the information & videos that you Susan Gregory & staff have provided, is truly a tool of utilization for me to understand as well as a eye opener. I am so glad that my heavenly father lives me unconditionally and he has given you to us on description,words on how to look/study his words. Thank you for your guidance

  • Nicole Brown says:

    Good afternoon, could you please share your thoughts on Herbal Tea, not the common bag packets, the loose tea on a Daniel Fast. On a couple of groups that I’ve fasted with I had noticed that Herbal Tea is on that list. Thank you.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      The only beverage on the Daniel Fast is water (see Daniel 1). It’s clear, only water.

      There is so much erroneous information “out there.” Be watchful for who you use as your guide (a great life lesson) πŸ™‚ .

  • Mary Elizabeth Bradley says:

    I am having such as hard time keeping my mind focused on Christ and my bible studying. I know that it is the enemy using past and current pain, betrayals, and constant bombarding my mind with distractions to keep me from growing in my faith. I want to use this fast to break this hold that the enemy has on me. I ask for your prays to help me break his hold on my mind and to finish.

    • Atlene says:

      Mary Elizabeth Bradley Keep strong my sister in Christ. These past two days have been hard for me as well but I quickly realized that after praying I felt better and stronger. I almost didn’t even read the Bible today because of how negative I felt all day but praise our God, I did and I feel his beautiful encouragement all over again. We can do this!! Praying for you!

  • Jane Louw says:

    Dear Susan
    This is my forth year that I do the DF and I have completed not only 21 days, but every year 40 days! I find that it has become easier every year and that the pains in my body are less. I have seen God’s mighty hand move in my life and His Kingdom manifested in so many ways. He has multiplied my life in every area and blessed me more than abundantly. I am expectant of the BIG picture and of what He wants for me and I have learned to walk in His CLOUD of rest throughout the day and night. Holy Spirit shows me and teaches me the ways to follow in every step that I take – fasting has definitly changed my life and my relationship with my Father. I want to encourange everyone on this fast to endure – you WILL see the reward in time to come! Dear Susan, God bless you for your wonderful inspiration as it helps us all to grow in the ways of the Lord.
    Blessings, Jane Louw

  • Naomi says:

    God bless you Susan,
    I am on day 9 with the Daniel Fasting and was about to wave my white flag and quit! There’s just so many distractions and I have the hardest time making time to actually dwell and meditate on my Lords word. I’m a stay home mother of 5 (ages 10 yo and younger) with a very busy working husband. I always fall into temptation not with food but with patience especially with my husband that always ends up in an argument. Please keep me in your prayers! God lead me to this article which has encouraged me to complete my 21 DF! God bless you.

    • Lisinda says:

      Hi Susan,I’m in my 5th day of my Daniel fasting and I want to stop.Not because of the food but the struggle at home with family,my husband and I have argued and it just seems to much.Please keep us in your prayers

      • Tamara Thomas says:

        The enemy knows that you are committed to change, and he’s come to try and knock you off course. …. keep fasting, praying, and fighting, don’t let the enemy win! He uses the oldest trick in the book, especially by using those closest to you. ..pray with and for your husband and household and watch God work! Be blessed!

        • Vivian says:

          Hi Tamara,
          God bless you for these encouraging words…I cried after reading. I m in the 6th day of Daniel fast. The 5th day was the worst day as i had a big quarrel with my hubby, i said things i wasnt suppose to say , i feel sad and all…..
          Why is my hubby fighting me at this time. I feel like quitting the fast.

          • Susan Gregory says:

            Vivian, please don’t let negative experiences, thoughts and the wiles of the enemy throw you off course! Shake it off. Get things back in order. Apologize to your husband. And move on into the great experience the Lord has for you. Don’t quit. That’s just what the enemy wants you to do. Stay the course. Learn from the experience. God is good and He wants the best for you!

  • Ed says:

    Hi, Today was the most challenging day during this journey. For the first time, I questioned if I could continue on this journey. No, not due to a lack of coffee or tea or the diet. As I am not a lover of coffee or tea. The diet is similar to that of a vegan, which most of my friends and family are, hence I was expecting very little of a challenge during this fast.

    However, the problem which is causing me concern is the water only. Unfortunately, I have a history of not drinking enough fluids, my staff used to purchase a large bottle of water for me daily, which ended in watering the plants at the end of the day. My fluid intake usually consists of boiled water with fresh mint, hot or cold water with lemon or natural herbal tea. I have never drunk water only continually. Due to a further reduction in my fluid intake, due to the restriction, I am aware I am becoming hydrated which is obvious from my skin integrity and slight headaches.

    God bless you all and I prayer that I will continue on this journey without caving in.

  • Hello Susan,

    Just want to say thank for all the powerful words that you are giving to us each and everyday
    It encourages me to walk with the King talk to Him and especially knowing that He is right by my side.
    I all most give up yesterday but God was able to remind me who I was , and Whom I belong to.
    May the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to pour to you all His wisdom and let His light shine upon you
    Much blessing to you and your family, Mazalo

  • Delphine says:

    Hi Susan, I truly appreciate all you are doing to encourage and support those of us who are taking this fasting journey. This is my third year fasting and today is my second day… I already fell short yesterday by mindlessly gobbling a peach ring and then realized, oh my fast! I asked the Lord to forgive me and started anew today. I feel that this time I need to be concerned less with the food and more about prayer as I am trying to get a more regular prayer life. I had a question about talking about the fast. This year, I let my friends and family know that I was starting on 1/10/2017 and invited them to join me. I copied your website to my page and invited people to join in. Should I have done that? Because now I’ve read that you should fast in silence, I am wondering if that was the correct thing to do?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Delphine,

      It’s all a matter of your motives. If we tell people we are fasting to gain anything for our ego, Jesus teaches that we have already received our reward. If you tell people for information or to encourage them in their faith our journey toward Christ, then it’s all good.

      Check your motives . . . then do what is right. By the way, a life lesson for everything we do!

  • Refiloe says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the encouraging words. God is clearly using you to be of assistance to us. We thank Him for you πŸ™πŸΎ.


    • joanne belmonte says:

      Susan thank you so much for your help and encouragement. I will not quit or give into the flesh. Lord help us on our journey to get closer to you and a stronger faith. Thank you Susan for all you have done for us to stay strong.
      Bless her Lord and her family. Joanne


    Hi Susan
    I thank the Lord for he has made me to meet you in my time of tribulations and thanks for the words of encouragement it was not easy for me on the second day I felt noxious but the Lord whispered to me this words and said through him I’m strong. So I’m not going to quit even a second for the Lord is holding my hand and thank you so much.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Praise God. He will see you through. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

      • Nomalungelo says:

        Hie Susan,l started my fasting on the 8th of January and am being challenged by a toothache,not so sure whether should l take the tablets during the fasting or not.l need God to elevate my spiritual life in the sense that l can stand against all odds.

        • Susan Gregory says:

          Yes, fasting should never bring harm to the body. Declare complete healing (Jesus gained that for you on the cross). And if necessary take medication to relieve the pain.

  • Debbie says:

    Hi..good is my first day of my fast of 21 days…
    I did 21 days fasting for 3 times within 3 months as i faced big situations in life…and te fasting was all good no doubt there were different temptations n trials during my fasting but I could resist it spend lots of time in scripture reading and prayers for hours n it ended on 1st sept 2016. After a one month gap of normal eating i have been struggling today on my 1st day. Actually i started on the 1st oct 2016 but my body just couldnt take it after few hours and i stop the fast and gave myself 2 days to adjust in light eating like fruits n bread. My sister a medical staff did tell me jumping right into fasting will get ur body into a shock instead give myself few days before i start. But even i gave myself 2 days im really struggling a lot…i have not faced such..infact i felt sleepy n slept 4 hours today and missed my noon day prayers. Im taking this fast for God’s guidance n this 4th fasting is something big to me.. N i keep reminding myself to fight this attack..its a wrestle in me telling me to break te fast and continue later. Any advice frenz?

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I hope you are following the Daniel Fast as I teach it in the Daniel Fast book and on this site. The Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat and is very good for you. Please make sure you are following the fast as I teach about it. I spent months researching the Scriptures and it’s all based on the fasting experiences of the prophet. Yes, people need to taper off caffeine and sugar to avoid withdrawals, but otherwise there should be no issues.

      I hope this helps!

      Be blessed.

      • Kerry says:

        Hi Susan. Trust you are great. I’m Kerry . I’ve done the fast last year, so this is my 2ND one. I’m suffering a little on my 3rd day as I have serious diahorrea as I have IBS … do you have any advice. I’m continuing on my fast but I did have to take tablets to stop the runny tummy.
        Blessings to you. Kerry

        • Susan Gregory says:

          Your body may be reacting to increased fiber. Stick with these ‘clear foods’ for a day or two. Avoid sweet fruits. Large amounts of fructose can be hard to digest. Eat bananas, rice, applesauce and whole wheat crackers for a couple days. Then slowly eat more meals that are high in fiber. Your body will adjust, which is good for your health.

          • Kristi says:

            Thank you so much for all you do! I’ve been so encouraged by you! I’m believing for BIg things this year for the body of Christ!!! Thanks!

  • Andrea says:

    What a wonderful article. I’ve started my New Year fast with my church and needed some guidance. I normally drink coffee everyday but I haven’t in 2 full weeks! This has encouraged me to continue fasting and has improved my prayer life!

  • Denyse Greene says:

    Hi I found your site looking for some strength to continue on because I am trying not to get discouraged based on the trials that seem to be hitting me at this time.I am smiling but I don’t know how and why because I should be in shock and crying my eyes out. One of the things I was praying about went belly up yesterday and to be honest I don’t know if I should keep praying about it because it was a man made decision and not a God made one.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Denyse,

      Not knowing the circumstances I can offer some insights that may be of help. First, very often when we are making big advances in our lives, the enemy will come against you. He doesn’t want you to grow in Christ. He doesn’t want you to learn about prayer and the benefits of drawing nearer to God. He doesn’t want you in God’s Word (remember, the sower sowed the weed and the devil immediately came and plucked it up). So this could be the situation.

      It could also be God’s intervention. You’ve entered into the fast, submitting yourself to God, and now He may have taken action.

      Also, the joy of the Lord is your strength. That’s when we can be at peace when surrounding us are all kinds of worldly issues that should cause us to fret.

      I encourage you to continue the fast. Continue to seek God. Allow God to work out what is best for you. He surely will as you trust in Him.

      Be blessed!

      • Natasha M Bahr says:

        Just a question to add on: Is it normal to feel depleted, emotional, and frustrated during this fast. I feel like i am more frustrated at trials and hae been tempted to quit. Is it normal to fill out of whack on the 9th day

  • Gail Killiebrew says:

    This was very powerful and had alot of information that I will use.

  • Vanessa says:

    Thank you so much for this encouragement. I began the fast yesterday and had talked myself into following the fast…except for my morning coffee. Beginning tomorrow morning, headaches or not, no coffee! Thank you for reminding me that I have the power to overcome…through the strength of Jesus β™‘

    • Davina Busby Trussell says:

      AMEN. I thank Jesus for helping you with this fast. I used to drink about 5 cups of coffee day. Then one day I asked God to release me from this caffiene addiction. I have not had coffee over my lips for 6 months now. I have learned to say ‘No Thank You’ for coffee. So all Thanks and Praises to our God in Heaven. Just call on the Name Of Jesus to help you through anything. May God Bless you Always. πŸ™‚

    • Hugo says:

      I’m getting into this

  • Amanda says:

    I am feeling so down and depressed right now. Was planning a 14 day fast and caved to Diet Coke on the 2nd night. The diet coke snowballed to a sandwich and chips so I would “feel better”. The next day I resolved to do better, but caved again. My mind became so fixated on food. I was absolutely irritable and began to believe that this fast was making me a “bad parent” and a “terrible steward of time” because the food fixation was making it hard to get anything done. The great irony is that I am a strong, fit person who is daily sought after for healthy eating/exercise advise. I believe in healthy eating with minimal chemicals so this fast isn’t far from my norm as it may be for some. Now it is day 4 and I am feeling nothing short of a failure and a phony. I am embarrassed to even start again because I feel it will make me an even bigger failure if I don’t make it again. Please tell me someone else has experienced this and has overcome it.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Seems that enemy has worked his deceitful ways on you as you purpose to enter into this powerful fasting experience. And it’s likely that your flesh is choosing weakness over the strength you can have from God’s Holy Spirit.

      Many people have had this same experience. And the victory is always the same. Brush yourself off. Renew your resolve. And depend on God rather than yourself to complete the fast. Whenever you are tempted to stray from the fasting guidelines, pause and open your heart to the Lord. Talk with God. Allow Him to minister to you and to show you the hidden things in your heart. This is where revelation and growth happen.

      You say, “I am feeling nothing short of a failure and a phony.” That’s the condition we will always fall to when we depend only on ourselves. And this may be the lesson being taught to you. Stop using your own strength. Submit your will to the will of God. Allow the Lord to love you and receive His total acceptance. And instead of pushing forward in your own power and strength, take the hand of the Lord and allow Him to lead and guide you with His unending love and His supernatural power.

      Be blessed, dear one.

  • Dawn says:

    I just started my fast today and what a peaceful and spiritual day ! I read the book first to prepare for the journey so there would be no obstacles. I already experienced talks and moments with God today and I know this journey will keep me closer to God. Thanks for the words of inspiration

    • Susan Gregory says:

      You are wise, Dawn! My hope is that all who enter into this fast would first prepare themselves like you did. That’s why you can experience the presence of the Lord so quickly.

      Be blessed and thank you so much for sharing your insights.

  • Dani says:

    Thank you! I was doing great till yesterday. I broke my fast over a bag of chips. I could not believe what I had done after almost two weeks of fasting. I am grateful that you are providing the inspiration for me to stand up and start again today.

  • chris says:

    im on day one of my daniel fast, only veg alowed past my lips. no brown sauce no red no gravy, im alowed salt on food or veg stock im making home made, or get my beutyfull wife to knock some up, im fasting for my mind to be whole for my kids skes and for my love renewd with honor respect revalation and wisdom. and for any satanic thaughts to be crushed under my feet. the lord told me he was separating the light from the darkness in my life, so i have loads of seeds for hope. this fast should be fun even tho im under loads of bombarding attack. i know the lord will brake his teeth like it says in job. loving god and loving you guys.
    im in!

  • fredrika says:

    Hi all,

    It is a great opportunity to meet your needs for spiritual growth. Thanks all for supporting words. Lets pray for each other.

  • christina lee says:

    hi. My sister just told me about this 21 days fast. I am interested to know more as I’m having trouble with my marraige. My spouse is becoming too irretable and angry alays. Every time i tried talking to him , he will reply to back with critisim or bad words. I dont know how to explain to him. he is not ready to discuss any thing with me. he does not share any postive things with me. even many times he asked me to leave him as he thing that all the financial trouble is because of me. What to do? I though let Jesus come into my life and solve this issue . only GOD can save me from this miserable life.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      Dearest Christina,

      Yes, fasting absolutely seems in order for you now as it calls each of us to focus on God and His ways. Surrendering to God and learning how to live according to His precepts is always good and helpful for our lives. It seems your marriage is in crisis mode right now. You can try to solve the problem using worldly or carnal methods. Or you can surrender yourself to the Lord and allow Him to teach you. Entering into a time of extended prayer and fasting can help you do this.

      I might add this little piece of advice: What and how you think about your husband is not the biggest issue. What is far more important is how you “act” toward him. It seem he is filled with a lot of bitterness, blame and resentment. Rather than tackling those emotions, I encourage you to love him. I’m not talking about physical love. But instead, take a few minutes and make a list of 10 simple things you can do for your husband to care for him. Not words, but actions. It might be something as simple as making him breakfast or his favorite meal. Buying him a copy of magazine he might like. Or renting a movie you know he would like to see. Give to him without expectation, but from a place of selfless love. Quietly. Simply. Authentically. Don’t tell him what you are doing or why you are doing it. Instead, each day “be love” to him. Don’t spend a lot of money as this seems to be an issue for him. Instead, care for him in simple, loving ways on a consistent basis without expectations for anything in return. Stay in prayer and study about how you can draw nearer to God and learn from Him about your marriage.

      You already know that you can’t change your husband. Only he can do that. But you can change you and with God’s guidance, that will only be for the good.

      Be blessed . . . and I hope this helps.

  • Sally says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. For me my biggest struggle was starting the fast! I had purposed to start at the beginning of the year but then so many obstacles came into play e.g. having lunch with friends, or visiting with friends etc etc so much so that I kept saying, I will start next Monday for sure but the Monday would come and go without me starting. I would even entertain excuses such as, oh I have all these left overs from the restaurant let me finish them first before starting! However, I thank God that I did finally start just yesterday and so this is day 2, and I am believing God to help me succeed, and more importantly, that I will grow more in Him during this time. I know that Jesus has something marvelous in store for me and that is precisely why the enemy did not want me to start fasting. So saints please stand with me that God will visit me in a mighty way in Jesus Name. God bless each of you in your journey of faith, and may He grant you the desires of your hearts in Jesus Name. Amen!

  • Donnette says:

    Read this and it’s a word in time for me. Am doing ten days of fasting and it’s now day three and am really struggling. Especially with the kinds of food to eat. Please pray for me.

  • Elaine Avila-Stalder says:

    Hello Susan,
    just reading your article and it is wonderful, I am planning a complete fast, because I desperately need a break through in my life. I am at presently unemployed and praying that my Networking business takes off, because I do not want to return to a job. I would like to move to Germany, and purchase a house, so that I never have to pay rent again. It has been an ardureous year for me. I lost my job twice, through no fault of my own. I had to move out of the house that I am living in as soon as I came back from Germany and now am staying at my friends place and feeling like I should be somewhere else. He is helping me finaninally and not letting me forget it, even though I help support us for 6 1/2 years. I need to hear from God and ask that you all pray for me.

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t know if my previous comment was submitted, however… my struggles are not with the food, praying and studying… my issue is that I smoke. I have tried unsuccessfully several times, and it really make me feel low. I love Jesus with my whole heart and I desire more of him in my life, however I cannot do it. I have even prayed asking God to remove the taste, but truth is do I really mean what I ask. This time I want to quit, especially since I am leading other people. Pray with and for me against this foul spirit that is hanging on to me like a skin. Thank you Father for this blog, the teachings of the fast and the People of God that are standing in the fight. God Bless you all in Jesus Matchless Name

    • nkuly says:

      Greetings all men and Women of God
      I thank God 4giving me an opportunity 2b part of U am blessed by the teachings. @ Lisa may God give U favour and deliver U frm this evil bondage God sees uor heart He is able 2deliver U remember what is impossible with men it is possible with God, God Bless U

  • Chulekazi Kwayini says:

    Hi Susan
    I thank God for bringing you in my life. I started Daniel fasting in 2012 after that I always find excuses not to continue with it in other years until some of the things didnt go wel in my life I started late but I am going to finish my 21days by God in my side. This year I want grow in knowing Him and do His will.Thank you for the words of encouragement

  • LINA says:

    Thank you Susan for the word of encouragement. May God continue to bless you and all of us as we continue on the Daniel’s fast.

  • mari says:

    I feel sad and felt attack from people. What to do if a felt the attack in my emotions and felt angry at this person at the time should I quit? I feel guilty for feeling angry but I need the lord and he’s guidness in my life. Did I break the fasting by letting my emotion control me and felt angry at this person? Iam ready to let the offense go sinns this person that attack me is christian.

    • Susan Gregory says:

      No, don’t quit, Mari.

      Instead, turn to the Lord. How does He want you to handle the situation with the person the enemy is using to distract your and throw you off course? Be the love of Jesus. Practice patience. Stay focused. And pray.

      Be blessed as you continue to grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord.

  • benny says:

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am on day eleven today,and the LORD has been given me the strength to go on everyday. This is also my Third year doing the DF in January.

  • Lila says:

    I am starting my Daniel Fast for a break through for my ministry. and personal life. Prayer for strength and support is appreciated thanks

  • Evelyn; says:

    Dear Susan:
    The DF has really been a blessing to me, both natural and spiritual. I must admit, the first five days were really ruff. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to hang in there for 21 days. But God has graced me with the strength to hold on, and I can feel and see the transformation that is taking place in my life. Today is my 11th day, and I’m yearning more for a closer walk with God. Keep me in your prayers as I continue this journey.

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you Lord for your grace, mercy and favor. The Lord told me to get up out of my seat at work and go and pray to a women who recently lost her son. I was nervous but I did what I was instructed to do. The Lord is moving through me during this fast. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Amen

  • Kim says:

    Dear Susan,

    I appreciate your heart for all of us trying to move forward in the faith! Your comments are a right now word for each of us. I am encouraged by the community of Believers! We must fast corporately whether with our church, in a group like this, or even both! I am jumping for joy in the LORD! Be Blessed!

  • Nyasha says:

    Dear Susan
    Thank you so much for this article. It is so on point, i am more impowered, I had strayed from the real purpose. Thank God for your ministry and to all the wonderful people of God, keep being salt and light in the world. We are redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ.

  • Dean mccray says:

    This is day one for me and my teen age Daughter Joy. Your teaching on the 3 forces and words of encouragement are powerful training and teaching for the Battle a head of me as we Go forth and I will be able to guide my teen through in the same instruction I read today on my break on the Job!
    Have a Blessed , Jesus filled Day!!!!

  • Suzette says:

    Thank you Susan for this today. I read your devotional every morning along with the fast and it is always talking to me personally. I don’t know why this time has been hard for me. I have been a complainer and a whiner. I thank God for the great support group and as we want to slide, we help each other back up. I’m doing the fast this year for a healthier living, mentally, physically and spiritually my walk with God was forever changed last fall when I gave up corporate America to follow my passions to become a writer. I have been walking in faith. I have never looked back or been happier so I thought what now could God help me with, I already follow and believe in him for my life journey. I looked in the mirror and felt the pains of unhealthy living. So here we are on that track but it has been hard but I’m staying the course. Your devotional readings have helped me daily. I exercise 3x’s a week and eating healthier, we begin a cleanse after this. Thank you! Be blessed forever!

  • Dana Ashton says:

    Ms. Susan,

    Thank you so much for speaking this word into people, such as myself! I appreciate how you break things down to everyday understanding. Too often, people like myself can pick up the Bible and read it, but not have an understanding. A true meaning. Something that they can relate to and carry with them. While on this fast, I have called in my Father God more then any other time in my life! And to feel his presence, to feel him over my shoulder, to feel him walk with me in this journey is AWESOME!!!!
    My reasoning for doing the Daniel Fast was to drawl myself closer to Him, to be able to stand on Faith, yet hold myself accountable, because we do serve a God who gives us choices and options (no matter good or bad). Another reason was that I needed to be consistent with God, not just call on him in bad times or go to church when I’m going through a rough spell in my life. I needed consistency… And I’m not sure why it took me 29 years when He has ALWAYS been consistent with me… He has NEVER left my side, ever! This is just awesome .
    One great thing that I have learned while on this fast is that the devil comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, colors, smells etc.

    Thank you thank

  • Pearl says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your wise & encouraging words, I’m on day 3 of the Daniel’s Fast & there are so many forces to make me try & stop, but we serve an awesome living God & by His Grace igoing on until 21days. Please keep me in your prayers as I want a more closer relationship with God. Stay blessed!

  • Mabel says:

    Thank Suzan. It is so true I normally experience all the things you talk about in the article. Thank for your inspirations for the Word of God and the fasting devotions. I will finish the 21 days of prapyer and fasting.

  • Gladys West says:

    Susan, you always help me during my time of fasting. Thank you!

  • Amen, thank you for this post. It reminds me of the purpose on why I’m fasting. I work at KFC as a cashier and everyday I’m tempted to eat chicken, but nevertheless I keep my eyes on the spiritual reward of drawing closer to God for more insight, Wisdom, council, knowledge and guidance from our Heavenly Father. I just want to say God Bless You and thank you again.

  • Kathy says:

    Thanks for these words of encouragement, they are indeed truth!

  • brenda says:

    Hi Susan,
    It is late in the midnight hour and I was awaken. I have a battle that I’m in right now. It was encouraging to read your words. I know that if I continue on the DF I will become stronger and this battle will be gone. I praise God that I have him and no matter how bad it gets he will give me peace. Thank you for your inspirational words they really help to dry the tears and reassure me that everything is going to be alright.

  • Michelle James says:

    We all thank you Ms Susan for informing us about the Daniel Fast. It is a true blessing to fast with people all across the world. Because of you Ms Susan you’ve made this possible. God bless you and the rest of the world who has chosen to do the fast. Thank you JESUS for everything u have done and going to do in our lives. Lord u are worthy and you deserve all the praise. Thank you lord, thank you lord. Hallelujah.

  • Alice says:

    I am great full for this dicipline. This is my 8th day. The plan is great and I’m getting the hang of it. As a chef I have many temptations in front of me but I bring my delicious lunch made and thank God for it. Today I had my first inspiration for God’s direction. I’m excited to know where that will lead.

  • Makhosazane says:

    Thank you so much is my first time on fasting please pray for me to finish the race in Jesus name amen Stay Blessed!

  • Elizabeth Gallo says:

    Amen! Susan, Amen!
    May God continue to bless you and work through you, filling you to over flowing, then pouring out into the hungry souls thirsty for the understanding of His Word, His Hope, His Light. My heart rejoices in delight at the recognition of His anointing, and I am inspired to stay the course, so as to receive the renewal of mind/soul, body, and spirit.
    Jeremiah 17 : 8 He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

    Be Blessed.

  • ann says:

    Just saying thank you for the encouragement, am learning alot & I believe God has alot for us in store. To all who are fasting & to Suzan & the entire Daniel fast team, may God continue to show you favour. Ann

  • Donna Cuffy says:

    I’m sorry for the error by writing it twice but I’m glad to read your book on fasting God s blessings to you donna Cuffy

  • Sara says:

    I am on Day 8 of my second DF and I must say everything you have described is exactly what I am experiencing. The evil one is bringing it from every angle possible and I have been openly refuting him. (New practice for me though I’ve been a believer for a long time.) I am trying to count it joy in my trials/temptations as Paul did knowing the power within me (not of myself) is greater than the powers in this world. I feel honored to be acknowledged by satan in that he notices I am doing something for Christ. When I was not chasing Jesus; satan left me alone knowing I was not a threat. Now I’m in this battle and putting on the whole armor of God so I can withstand his evil schemes.

  • Barbara says:

    Hello Susan,
    I joined my church in the Daniel fast. I honestly thought that I was doing everything that I was suppose to do but after a week into the fast I found that I was eating some things that I shouldn’t and wanted to quit. I stopped for one day but quickly started right back the next day. I so want to be successful in this fast because I need a deeper relationship with the Lord. I desperately need him to show me what to do in my marriage. My husband has completely shut me out of his life for almost two years and I’m growing very weary; I so need to know what to do. I need to know what to do and I desire to give all of me to the Lord. I so want to please him. Thank you for helping me. I was asleep and I k now my Lord woke me up and directed me to this. God Bless you.

    • chris says:

      i prayed for my wife, she should have ditched me alwready for the way ive been. but christ has kept us together, if its ment to be he will do it. for me it was such a little faithless prayer but he honoured it in such a brilliant way when i asked for laura to keep. (because he wanted to). we suit each other now its working out its taking time but we got married had a kid and were getting built up. strong , firm, and sted fast.
      hebrews 1.11 . dont worry if the faith is only as big as a seed, it normaly is to begin with.

  • Moipone says:

    Dear Susan

    Thank you very much for encouragement,

  • harm says:

    Thank you for the strong words.
    It helps me keep focus.
    i pray in His strong Name that i will
    stay in His body and not in the world.

  • Audrey says:

    I am in some super duper spiritual battle. running fever. got some torments going on, feel strong resistance, oppression. Lord gace me an awesome word to share at church yesterday,, do not know if this is backlash or resistance to the true will of the Lord in my life… thks…

  • gbolade says:

    Thanks so much for the advice. All that you said in your write up is very true. Now I will try as much as possible to take control of my flesh. I would love to have a discussion with you to further my knowledge. Thank you

  • Kerry Hill says:

    So thankful that The Lord has given you wisdom concerning how to do the Daniel fast. So many try to put their own spin on it. Thank you Susan Gregory!

  • charles gilman says:

    Thank You I will succeed
    God bless

  • Vijay Jacob says:

    Praise the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement. Staying rooted and grounded in the Word is very hard when circumstances are not in your favour but fix your eyes upon Him who is our rock & fortress. God bless u my brothers and sisters as we continue on this journey of fasting.

  • roseann says:

    Hi Susan,
    just wanted to say thank you so much for the wise words. reading your book I feel I am so much better prepared for this fast. if u have a prayer chain regarding people on the fast please add me to the list, I want so much to succeed & grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord.
    many blessings, roseann.

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